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    I got my wife an Iphone for Christmas, then found out it needs a SIM card to be activated. She only planned on using it as an Ipod (her real Ipod was on it's last legs), but I figured an Iphone would give her the option of using it as a phone at some point in the future if she wanted.

    So....I borrowed a friends SIM card (just like the internet suggested) to activate the phone, then gave my friend back his SIM card, and proceeded to continue setting up the phone.

    Two months later, there was an error updating the phone, and it locked up. No option but to restore it. However, we couldn't restore it since we didn't have a SIM card! Frustrating.

    So I went to Bell and bought a blank SIM card (no phone number), just so we could restore the phone. Cheap, and easier than continuing to borrow SIM cards for setup/activation.

    So we restore the phone, and then....all of a sudden my wife starts getting texts, facetimes, and phone calls from people she doesn't know. Which is even more odd, since the SIM is blank, no phone number attached.... After a few hours of weirdness, we get a facetime call from my friends wife (the friend who lent me his SIM card).

    Bizarre! Somehow, my wife's phone seems to have taken all his SIM data and is using it to receive (and I assume send) calls and messages, using my friends phone number. His phone still works too, but he didn't get the messages that my wife's phone received.

    Long story short - does anyone know how to fix this? How do we get my wife's phone to stop using my friends SIM data? I called bell, and they said there was nothing they could do. Though based on how long I spent trying to explain it to them, I don't think they even really understood what was happening.

    Either way, seems like a huge security risk.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    Re: Awesome - I'm stealing someone's data and phone service. Now how do I stop?

    just turn off your data

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    Re: Awesome - I'm stealing someone's data and phone service. Now how do I stop?

    o come, it's very cool

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