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    Hi. This is probably covered somewhere else. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which I really like but want to upgrade to a Samsung 7. At present my plan has to have a minimum of 1GB of data. My present plan costs $ 70 per month in a shared plan with my wife, who has a Samsung Prime and her monthly fee is $ 35.00. $ 105 a month is a lot as it is. With all the available wifi, I might only use 200-300 MB of data a month but can't get a smaller data plan.

    My point is that in order to have a new smartphone such as the Galaxy 7 or the equivalent Iphone 7, I would have to take what they call a "premium plus plan" which is $ 75.00 plus a minimum of 5GB of data for $ 50.00. As I said above I might use 300 MB of data a month but I can't get a data plan of 500MB a month, for example.

    So, in summary, 75.00 for unlimited long distance and texting plus $ 50.00 for data, plus $ 45.00 for my wife's phone ($ 10.00 increase) for a grand total of $ 170.00 a month!! That's ridiculous.

    Are there others out there who are frustrated with these compulsory data plans in order to get a new phone? Sure I could get a cheaper phone with a lower monthly rate but I feel like I'm being penalized for wanting a newer model than I now have.

    Sure, I could buy a Samsung 7 phone with no term for $ 899 but would still have to take the 5GB of data.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: New Phones And Data Plans

    seems like bit costly

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    Re: New Phones And Data Plans

    Samsung 7 is so smart phone! I`m sure that you will like it

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