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    Do I need a special service from Bell Mobility, or an app, or something, to make contact ringtones different from the default ringtones? I have made and installed custom ringtones that work and play just fine when I first install them but when one of those contacts phones me all I get is the default ringtone. The default ringtone is also a custome made by me one, it plays just fine. Ditto when using ringtones supplied with the phone, which is LG F60. I have checked that each phone number is only assigned to one contact.

    ETA: The custom ringtones are in the ringtones file in main storage, Not on the SD card. They are kind of big files, one is 17 mb, but as I said above, the phone supplied ringtones assigned to contacts ring as the default too, which is also a large file, 5 mb.

    See More: Contact Ringtones
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    Re: Contact Ringtones

    no just check settings and tones setting , you will find sol there

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    Re: Contact Ringtones

    check your settings

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