Im trying to decide which phone to get, Im leaning towards the LX a bit more because the plan add on is better. it gives you web, and unlimited texts. while the curve add on does not give you unlimited texts. But i heard that the web browser on the sidekicks suck. Will the one on the LX be better?

What im looking for in a phone is;
Address Book.
*To-do lists/Organizers
Text messaging
*AIM & MSN messangers.
Web browsing.
email is not a real big thing for me, so i dont really care about that.
*really important

I like the look of the BB Curve better. But i think the sidekick might be a better choice, although i am not sure it has a good to-do list, which is something really important for me.

I really have no idea what phone i should get....

Help/Opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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