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    So i was given a blackberry 8300 from a friend who used it through AT&T but I'm through t-mobile so i was wondering if there is any way for me to be able to use it. Is there any way to switch providers like that?

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    Re: 8300 AT&T to T-Mobile?

    u would have to get the 8300 unlocked from att. the easy way to do that would be to have ur friend call into att customer service and ask that they unlock his phone for international use. they will generally xfer to tech supt who will be a little confused. after some time they should be able to give u the unlock code. This I know as I used to work in the warranty dept for cingular/att, changed jobs sometime after the transition so I am not sure the exact guidelines but I do believe the fcc rules they have to give the unlock code to the device if requested by the customer " don't quote me on this"?

    Good luck

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