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    I am having problems with the caller id not working when I receive calls. I have added the 1 before the area code and taken it out. It works when it wants to. Anyone else having this problem? How do you fix it? Or is it just a bad phone, this is my second one in 3wks.

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    Re: Blackberry Curve 8330 caller id

    The calls coming in, are that all from the same number?

    example 206-555-1212 calls and it's in your address book as:

    BlkBear 206-555-1212.

    Or is the number not in your phone book, and just 206-555-1212 appears when that number calls?

    Or when Blkbear calls, is he using more than one phone number, (home, work, school and cell), and only one of those that he calls you from is in your phone book?
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