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    My contract with T-Mobile expired and I'm looking to get a new phone. I've never owned a device that could do much outside of making phone calls and text messaging so I'm relatively uninformed about the current market of "Smartphones".

    Straight to the point, these are the MAIN features that are most important to me:
    -Decent Screen Size
    -Music Player
    -Image Viewer (i.e. able to view basic formats such as .jpg and .png with zoom functionality)

    Other features that are not essential, but are extremely preferable:
    -Video Playback
    -External Storage (e.g. microSD)
    -Image & Video Capture

    I'm a student and plan to use my phone mostly as a study aid for uploading documents and images so that I can study on-the-go (hence, the desire for a decent image viewer and big screen), as well as a multimedia platform for music and video playback. As far as its features as an actual "phone", this is not that important to me; I do not talk on the phone much so in that regard all it needs to do is to be able to send & receive texts & calls. Mainly, I'm looking for a multimedia device that can perform the bare functions of a phone.

    Right now I've narrowed it down to the G1 and Curve but would like more information about either phone and others I may be uninformed of. I definitely like the G1 design over the Curve but the lack of Video Capture is the only thing making me hesitant. If anyone could direct me to where I could find a comparison between the two or a few shorts words about either would be extremely valuable.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for your time.

    Cliffs: Need recommendations on a multimedia phone; don't care much for its actual functions as a "phone". Leaning towards G1 over the Curve and would like reasons why or why not to get one over the other (or neither).

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    Re: G1, Curve, or..? Looking for a multimedia device..

    In which country do you live?

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    Re: G1, Curve, or..? Looking for a multimedia device..

    USA. I am thinking about getting the Curve now actually but don't know if I should wait for the Javelin. I've been reading that it is speculated to come out in the first quarter of 2009 (I'm assuming this means Jan/Feb/Mar of '09).

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    Re: G1, Curve, or..? Looking for a multimedia device..

    Personally, I would suggest going with the curve. Blackberry is an established name with extensive support networks in place. If you have an issue with it it's much easier to get fixed than a g1. G1 is new, is the very first version of the phone and might not have all the kinks worked out. Known issues, software upgrades etc, take time to be found.
    Are you thinking of buying a data package? If not, don't go with a g1. G1 needs a data package to function properly (there are workarounds but t-mob gets mad when do it . The curve doesn't need data at all if you don't want.

    If this helps you decision at all, T-mob is coming out with a brand-new updated version of the curve mid-feb too. It's much better looking
    let me know if i can answer anymore questions

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    Re: G1, Curve, or..? Looking for a multimedia device..

    Personally, i'd say it depends.

    Pro's about the blackberry.
    .... basically the blackberry is a more bussiness kind of phone.. if you're doing alot of emailing, calling, calendars, notes, stuff like that.. all blackberry.. not to mention blackberry has perfected their phones so much that the battery life on any blackberry is far superior to the g1. which will last you about 3 hours of constant usage.

    g1 is good if you are doing alot of multimedia.. via watching videos on the web, messaging, texting, pretty much if youre using it for fun.
    only problem i see with the g1 is battery life, camera is 3 megapixels.. but is very slow and doesn't match up to any other 3 megapixel camera.
    there is no video recording on the g1 (yet)
    you can download as many applications as you want.. but cannot store them on a memory card.

    so i would read up alot more before you decide.

    by the way, i work for t-mobile and the javelin (aka blackberry 8900 curve) is going to be released in my store at least.. february 19th..
    so that is the phone i'm waiting to purchase.


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