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    OK This is actually my first BlackBerry. I've only had Palm devices up till now. Well other than a short experience with a Samsung 760i which I had thought was going to be a GREAT device and was aside from it's CRAPPY OS, Windows Mobile! I had to reboot my CELLPHONE more than I do my desktop Computer!

    So I had asked Verizon to send me a BlackBerry Curve 8830. I'm still getting used to it. I've not figured out how I'm going to remember all these easily forgettable icons. They aren't very high-res. (not to me anyways). So I'm trying to find a way to sort them all alphabetically. Is this possible with BlackBerry? Hell, I haven't yet figured out how they are sorted currently. Seems random to me.



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    Re: New to BlackBerry Curve!

    I just got this phone as well. Like 3 days ago. So far I haven't seen anything like what you speak of, but if u click the option button once on the Icon, u can move it around. Should be an easier way tho.

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