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    I am going to be getting a new phone soon and i a, torn between the palm pre and the blackberry curve 8330. I am not only looking for quality and a good user experience, but i am looking for something that i cab customize, and even add features like snes games, change themes, or do anything my little heart desires. I need a phone that i can use as more then a phone. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Palm pre or blackberry curve 8330

    I would get a blackberry. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of free games, themes, wallpapers, programs, etc available for the blackberry line.

    The Curve your thinking of getting is the most popular of all blackberry's and therefore there are even more free stuff (and paid stuff of course) for it.

    The Berry line of phones has the easiest email system there is. You can edit/create Office documents/ tether the phone and use it as a modem. Use it for GSP....the list goes on and pm

    The Palm doesn't have near the capabilities the blackberry has.
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