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    I just recently bought a used curve 8320 in good condition. I don't have a data plan but I have t mobile. When I tried to set up wifi, it detects the networks, including mine at home. Strangely enough though, my wifi is only 1-2 bars, even though im standing right next to my router. When I try to connect, it says it was unable to connect and the reason being W002:wi-fi connection failed.

    I'm worried that the wifi on this phone is busted or something, unless its my own router, but I have an excellent connection on my laptop.

    Any help please? I'm totally new to this!

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    Re: Problems with wifi on 8320?

    you need to change the channel your router transmits on.....try channel 1/3/11....to much interfer. on 6 which is the default tx channel on most routers

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