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    It's almost here. It is version It isn't yet available, but will be soon...hopefully. Boy Genius currently has the newest version running on their device(s). Version has been released (at least based on what I've read, I'm assuming). Boy Genius has all of the newest stuff running on their device, don't ask me how they're so lucky.

    The new .76 update managed to fix a lot of updates, more than the .75 did.

    Things this update (.76) improved:

    • Switching from portrait to landscape mode is even faster than the improved version was on .75! No QWERTY/SureType transition issues/delays.

    • Battery is a lot more efficient. According to Boy Genius, after a full day of use, their batter still sits at 50% which is a 25% increase from version .65.

    • Tapping an icon quickly, it may not have selected it...which would become annoying--All fixed in this update.

    • Updated in .75: DTMF tones no longer lag when entering wrong prompts.

    • Issue where keyboard sometimes disappears while typing, this still remains an issue.

    • When using the browser, using the .65 version if you tapped once, the navigation toolbar would hide and so would the top status bar. With version .75 only the bottom bar would hide and the top bar would stay. In version .76, they both hide again.

    • When using the browser, if you switched to landscape mode, the the text size increased drastically. It now scales to fit, which is a huge improvement.

    • According to Boy Genius, there have not been any random restarts. With version .65, there would be at least two a day.

    • Odd Bug: When using the back button, it sometimes fails to work with version .76. This doesn't make sense.

    • When navigating/using the music player, playing MP3s is extremely better than version .65 and slightly better than version .76.

    • When viewing pictures, thumbnails appear instantly. This is even faster than the Bold's picture loading time.

    • According to Boy Genius, data seems a bit slower and more laggish. They do urge that none of their tests were scientific research...and may be different for different areas.

    • The camera is way worse than it originally was. The green auto focus rectangle no longer appears. For version .75, the camera app. was slightly better than .65. .76 made things worse, but will surely be cleared up in a near future update.

    Remember, the OS version is and the platform version is I have absolutely no idea when U.S. customers can take advantage of this update. Keep checking with your local Verizon Wireless store and trying the OTA service from your device. Also, remember, to keep your wireless signal quality up to date by dialing *228 and pressing option 2. This will make your phone work more efficient when using cellular towers.


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