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    Ok, first off let me say i only owned the storm for a week and a half. I returned it after that as i simply could not stand it anymore. Sure, the idea of a clickable screen is novel, but only for like 10 minutes. Soon after, it's just an annoyance. The problem with blackberry vs an iphone is that the damn keyboard takes up 90 percent of the screen. Especially for someone like myself who is constantly sending and receiving emails. Oh and if you need to login to a site... that'll drive you crazy. The remaining screen that isnt keyboard is too damn small to scroll down for a password entry... assuming you made it through the initial login entry process without pulling your hair out. I had several issues with apps crashing, and not loading properly. There were several bugs with the phone, and yeah i know it was new, but cmon! They tried to copy the iphones functionality and flopped. The mercury switch in the phone was all jacked up. Half the time i would flip the phone on its side and nothing would change. It was not a positive experience for me with this new phone. i know some of you out there are just saying its a smart phone and you need to give it time. Well ive owned smart phones for the last 6 years, and never had any problems like i did with this one. I was not impressed. There is definite potential, but NEEDS WORK! i give it a 4/10.

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    Re: Blackberry STORM

    Sorry to hear your frustration...

    I haven't heard any other negative reviews, but I personally would have seen the problems you're addressing be a reality, considering how it's built.

    This phone will be improving, for sure, but it takes time...
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    Re: Blackberry STORM

    Oh of course. I know when the iphone came out it had several bugs. That's just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately i just couldnt justify sitting on the phone "hoping" they got around to fixing the problems i was having. Not to mention the apps costing $20+ a piece. What a jack!

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