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    Okay, this is a big list - brace yourselves

    • Fixed bug where Mute and End buttons would work incorrectly while using an A2DP headset on a call.
    • Fixed bug that caused display to briefly show small, multi-colored dots across the entire screen.
    • Fixed bug that could cause a white bar to display on the screen.
    • Fixed bug that could cause custom ringtones to play even when phone is set to vibrate.
    • Fixed bug where pictures taken in landscape mode and sent could show in portrait.
    • Fixed rare bug causing notifications not to show for incoming text messages.
    • Fixed bug causing call timer to intermittently show incorrectly.
    • Fixed bug causing an error and possibly display issues when more than 40 items are present in the call log.
    • Fixed rare bug where multitap keypad could behave like SureType keypad.
    • Fixed bug where if a music artist is deleted from the phone, the artist's tracks could still show.
    • Fixed bug preventing renaming of file extensions on music playlists.
    • Fixed bug causing choppy audio playback on downloaded WMA files.
    • Fixed rare bug where phone could reset while recording a video for MMS attachment.
    • Fixed bug that could cause the device to stop responding and display an error when pausing a video recording.
    • Fixed bug that prevented the backlight from timing out while playing streamed video content.
    • Fixed bug with display of track names containing periods.
    • Reduced amount of time it takes to being playing MP3 files.
    • Fixed bug that could cause viewfinder to not display correctly when camera is started in portrait mode and quickly flipped to landscape.
    • Fixed bug that occasionally caused screen to briefly show white after taking a picture.
    • Fixed rare bug that caused phone to reset when taking a picture with image stabilization and white board effect enabled.
    • Fixed rare bug where camera application would remain open after user had closed it.
    • Fixed rare bug where camera application would start without being commanded to do so.
    • Fixed bug that could cause phone to go to EV-DO after an automatic reset when it is in 1X-only mode.
    • Improved capability in auto off/on functionality for connecting to wireless networks when turning back on.
    • Enhanced system to ensure OTA updates continue if media card is removed.
    • Added Arabic language support.
    • Added full support for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish in the East Asia language pack.
    • Added rendering support for Indonesian Bahasa, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
    • Added "Go" buttons next to address and search fields in the browser and search application respectively.
    • Added Phone icon to home screen.
    • Removed Call Log icon in Applications folder.
    • Device can now be upgraded OTA using either internal memory or a media card.
    • Improved volume consistency across applications and calls.
    • Fixed rare bug to prevent uncommanded scrolling of text.
    • Improved speed when composing messages.
    • Improved speed in Calendar application when selecting "go to date".
    • Fixed bugs to ensure Application Permission screen is always correctly displayed.
    • Fixed various bugs causing device resets.
    • Fixed rare bug causing device to freeze while using Voice Dial.
    • Improved accuracy of signal strength meter.
    • Fixed rare bug where phone could lose data connectivity.
    • Fixed bug to ensure new languages can always be added.
    • Fixed bug to ensure phone always vibrates and beeps for incoming text messages when it is set to do so.
    • Fixed bug that could cause device to not allow text messages to be sent to numbers in the Frequently Dialed Number list.
    • Fixes to make sure emails are always displayed correctly.
    • Fixed bugs that could cause static on phone calls.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent audio from routing through a Bluetooth headset when using speed dial.
    • Enhancements to ensure that phone features are not accidentally accessed when phone is held up to ear.
    • Fixed bug to ensure holding down the 1 button always triggers voicemail.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent .odf files stored on media cards from playing correctly.
    • Fixed bug that could inform the user they don't have rights to play music when the message is not necessary.
    • Fixed bug causing popping noises in downloaded songs.
    • Improved display of files saved on media cards in all applications.
    • Fixed bugs preventing creation and opening of playlists in some circumstances.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent access to the Music Library from the Options menu in the media player.
    • Improved support for streaming video content whose URLs are longer than 512 characters.
    • Fixed bug preventing correct display of streaming video content sent in a text message.
    • Improved accuracy of progress bars displayed when downloading files.
    • Fixed bugs preventing preview of songs when using V CAST Rhapsody.
    • Fixed bugs preventing playback of video recorded on the phone.
    • Improvements to prevent intermittent error messages displayed in the media player.
    • Sped up display of pictures.
    • Fixed bug that could cause pictures to display at the wrong resolution.
    • Fixed rare bug causing device to lock while typing.
    • Fixed bugs involving incorrect display of keyboard.
    • Made sure device remains in portrait mode while being unlocked in portrait mode.
    • Full QWERTY keyboard now available in portrait mode.
    • Improved performance and stability with pre-loaded games.
    • Fixed bug causing Incoming Call screen to not show when user is in some applications.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent LED indicator from turning on when device is charged.
    • Fixed bug causing Enterprise Activation screen to show after activation is complete.
    • Improved display rotation speed while viewing contacts.
    • Improved data call setup when switching wireless technologies.

    thanks Engadget Mobile

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    Re: Blackberry Storm Software Update Build 113 - Fixed Bugs List

    Wow...that's a lot of fixes...

    Didn't know that there were this many issues!

    At least something has finally been done to improve the phone's quality.
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    Re: Blackberry Storm Software Update Build 113 - Fixed Bugs List

    Arent they up to version 114 for the Storm (9350)? I know im on it?!?

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