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    Would you like to get your Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530 Unlocked so you can use on any GSM network. We will also show how to set up your Storm to get all features working.

    Please follow these simple steps to get your phone unlocked:

    1. Submit your order with IMEI# at our site
    2. We will process your order and send out the unlock code to you within 30 minutes
    3. Follow the simple instructions to enter your unlock code.

    1) Insert any SIM card into the phone
    2) Click on manage connections, select turn all connections off
    3) Go to Settings Menu, Options, Advanced Options and then SIM Card.
    4) Hit the menu button and select show keyboard Tip:Turn your phone sideway to get full keyboard
    5) Type in mepd using the keyboard (nothing will show on screen)
    6) Type in mep2 another screen pops up for the code
    7) Enter the code, remember you ONLY have 10 chances to get it right
    8) Press the enter key
    9) A message will appear saying code accepted
    10) Turn device off, insert SIM of your choice if have not done so already
    11) Turn the phone back on
    12) Go to Options, then Mobile Network, on the third row switch it to GSM/UMTS and you're done.
    13) Set up service book for your unlocked Storm
    For AT&T service book please visit
    For T-mobile service book please visit

    Express Unlock Code
    Unlock Any Phone quick & easy
    BB Storm unlock 100% Guaranteed

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    Re: HowTo Get All Features (Browser, MMS) Working on AT&T/T-mobile w/Unlocked Storm 9

    I have my storm unlocked with AT&T but can't get the browser to work. I have tried several different OS versions. The step that I get stuck at is when I have to go to add/remove programs, I cant get to the .cod file. I can do everything else.

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