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    I'm thinking about just getting the blackberry storm, original right now...not waiting for the second one...

    What do you guys think? What do you like and dislike about the Blackberry Storm.

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    Re: Blackberry Storm

    After seeing as many post on here I am rather shocked that you wish to ask the forum about a phone...LOL... I am a new Verizon customer having moved over from Alltel. I had the Curve and decided to switch over to Storm. I am finding that I still love a Blackberry and need the email and internet as well as the texting features. I did go through 2 storms to get one that wouldnt malfuntion (one had a battery issue that overheated and warped causing the corners of the touch screen not to work) I love the touch screen and way it switches views as you turn the phone to the side. The things to note I don't care for is the corners of the touch screen and typing faster than the keys will respond, also the slow speed of the internet, or at least slower than an Iphone. I also have the hourglass from hell. and if you get your memory full it slows down and takes forever to load a page. Yes you can shut down all the areas of the phone your not using but its still a problem for those that like a fast internet or loading up information. Over all I still not sure since Verizon is continueing to update the towers in SW MO, if I like Verizon over Alltel, but I am trying to keep an open mind since I do understand that it takes time to intergrate and get two systems to work into one. I think they are closer because I used to only have 2 bars and 1x and now I have 3 bars and a large evdo most all time then go to full bars if I
    go into the city 6 miles away.
    I wish you well in your decision....
    I for one am eager to physically see the storm 2 and then see if the touch screen features are as improved as crackberry forums say they will be.....I always find it interesting the vast amount of opinions that everyone has on a specific phone.

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