Hey all

I recently unlocked my Storm and got it up and running on Rogers, however is still shows the previous owner's number. I tried ##000000 to enter the menu i've heard about to change it, but it says "invalid password." I then tried ##111111, which was suggested on another forum, and i get "usage of programming lock code has exceeded the limit." I've tried using a couple other programs to get the code, but they won't read the phone. I called Rogers tech support, and they didn't know what to do, and i asked a friend of a friend, who is supposedly pretty smart with BB's, and he'd never seen that error, and therefore didn't know what to do about it. I've been searching all over the 'net, and haven't found anything that could help. I've also wiped the OS and reinstalled a couple times, and even tried installing the original OS, and nothing helped. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter - the phone works and my number is what shows up on other ppls' call display. It just bugs me having someone else's number still in my phone. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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