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Here is a short tutorial on how to unlock the new Blackberry 9500 Storm you just bought.

First, we must unlock code for the device (MEP code for your operator to 10 digits), or you can ask your op & # 233; operator that you will deliver (within a certain time of course ...) or buy on the internet then (attention must be paid or you buy it too).

Once you have your code, you must:

Options -> Advanced Options -> SIM
Click on BlackBerry -> Show keyboard (it is advisable to do this in landscape mode).
Type "MEP2" (You will write this "in vacuum", so no text will be displayed on the screen).
A menu showing "Enter MEP code for your service" appears.
Just note the number and press Enter.
And to unlock your Blackberry even faster, it's HERE!

Source: PinStack

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