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, 03-16-2011 at 06:35 AM (4447 Views)
Once again Apple spearheads the assault on technology by body slamming the tablet world. Once again everyone seems to be playing catch-up, Android being second, and everyone else is fighting for 3rd.

Apple is the pathfinder of the digital world, they introduce it... Then everyone tries to catch-up, copy, and imitate it....

The tactic of Steve Jobs introducing the iPad 2 was marketing strategy, a person taking sick leave, then appearing for the first time in public to announce the iPad 2 was a motivating factor by itself.
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    Live up from Apple store... Ipad2 sells out in one hour march 16th, over 30 people in line before early opening...people trying to order online
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    Mall Apple store sells out of iPad 2's in 20 minutes, long lines not happy coming away empty handed... again
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    the store had over 150 people in line at 6am, but only had 15 ipad 2's to sell... people offering to sell their position in line for a price.... ebay has the ipad 2 for top top dollar...

    hey... they'll have to get in line again tomorrow.

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