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, 11-09-2010 at 06:16 AM (5156 Views)
I think were seeing a transition between cell phone and tablets... tablets and computers with a tablet that does it all. Touch screens are the new capability for devices with virtual keyboards being the norm and a optional Qwerty keyboard connection as an accessory.

Laptops are mobile... Smart-phones are mobile, but somewhere in between there's a perfect mobile computer that makes phone calls.

Technology takes small steps at the expense of the public, what will the public react too, if it reacts well... the want reaction, technology will take the next step with that particular device.

Look at the iPad and the new Macbook air, somewhere in between there's the future, light weight, home computer and cell phone capabilities, and very Mobile.

Laptops are great, packed them up and take them on a trip, move room to room in the office or at home, but that can't compare to a tablet. Pull the Tablet out of your Handbag, and your ready with of hours of use before looking for an outlet.

Your in College, just take it and start taking notes in class or hanging out on campus effortlessly. My daughter has a Macbook, but doesn't take it too school any longer, its just to much of a hassle, compared to a tablet which can fit in your handbag/tot-bag/back-pack.

Lets see where tablets take us in 3 years, there was computers and cell phones, then came Smart-Phones, now comes Tablets...


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