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, 04-22-2011 at 10:50 AM (9305 Views)
I order this product called NuScreen HD on a Dare... i dared it to work...... and it did!

I applied NuScreen HD to my iPads and iPhone and it works pretty good. The surface is slippery smooth which makes swiping the screen a AWE. My devices resists smudges... and finger prints can NOT be found.

I tried it, i applied NuScreen and then tried to apply my finger print, NO way, couldn't be done. I pressed the screen and then in the reflection/glare... i tried to find my finger print, and it was no where to be found.

Under normal use of my iPad and iPhone this product work great.

I don't know about working on SCREEN PROTECTORS, so if you applied a plastic screen protector on your phone find out about applying this product on it.


  1. aepple's Avatar
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    A reminder that this product does not make your device 100% smudge or finger print free, extreme grips and smudges will show up on your screen, but this product works to reduce your screen marks to a minimum. This application does make a difference.
  2. camstuf's Avatar
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    I tried this product; even asked a co-worker to try it.
    WE WANT OUR $20 BACK!!!
  3. aepple's Avatar
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    yeah... this product is not Absolute... it does create a smooth finish and hi shine, and reduces prints to some extent, a miracle worker its not.
  4. aepple's Avatar
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    Try using a micro fiber cloth and buff your screen, cleans and restores shine and slick feel.

    i used it on my reading glass, buff with micro fiber cloth, cleans and restores.
  5. camstuf's Avatar
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    I will try it on the reading glasses!!!

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