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, 07-26-2011 at 09:15 AM (2732 Views)
Apple doesnít want users tinkering with or even removing their notebook batter, but an overlooked security flaw might give hackers access to a machineís battery, giving them the ability to wreak all sorts of havoc on a userís laptop.
The security flaw was discovered by security researcher Charlier Miller (shocker) who plans to explain the exploit at this yearís upcoming Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. If Miller sounds familiar, itís because heís the same guy who previously discovered a nifty iPhone SMS exploit whereby a hacker could remotely take over any iPhone by sending it a single character via a text message.

In any event, hereís what we know about Millerís latest work.

Upon examining a number of batteries from a number of varying MacBook models, Miller found that the microcontroller was equipped with a default password, leaving them open to exploitation. Hackers could potentially destroy a userís battery at will, perhaps cause it to catch on fire, and even install malware that would be immune to anti-virus software.

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