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, 01-19-2010 at 06:39 AM (6966 Views)
In my opinion Texting is quicker and goes Directly to the point of a conversation minus all the small talk. Of course when a abundance typing may occur because a complicated conversation/topic, i make the call.


The popularity of text messaging is exploding while rates continue to go up. According to data from the US Census Bureau, 110 billion text messages were sent in the US in December of 2008ómore than double the 48 billion sent in December of 2007. This is undoubtedly thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones and devices designed specifically to communicate via non-voice means, and yet we are still paying what many consider to be outrageous rates for the privilege of sending a few bytes of data.

Just imagine if we had data from December of this year to compare to, what with more subscribers than ever using phones like the Palm Pre, Android-based devices, and the iPhone. Smartphones aren't just for business users anymore, and their full keyboards definitely encourage the average Joe or Jane to crank out a few more texts than they would have on their normal handsets. (Managing Editor Eric Bangeman was recently fortunate enough to get a happy birthday SMS message from his mother's iPhone.)

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Texting more popular than calling in the US, despite costs


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