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, 04-25-2010 at 07:03 AM (4650 Views)
How much is too much... How long (time spent) is too long... Is putting all your personnel information out on the internet a good thing.

Has your cell phone become a BODY ORGAN!!!!!

Here are some other stats worth checking out:

56%: Social media users check Facebook at least once a day.
12%: Social media users check Facebook every couple of hours.
40%: Respondents who said they didn’t mind being interrupted for a message.
32%: Respondents who said using the sites was not off limits while eating a meal.
7%: Respondents who said they’d check out a message during an intimate moment.

Are iPhone users more addicted to social media sites?

iPhone users were extremely active on social sites at all hours of the day. The study does not give solid reasons for this, but speculates, “We don’t know if it’s the device making it so easy to do social media things or the personality of an iPhone owner, but iPhone owners stand out in this study as more involved with social media; they use Facebook and Twitter more often and in more places.”

Study Highlights Growing Social Media Addiction | Social Media Examiner


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