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, 09-07-2009 at 01:03 AM (6627 Views)
In an exclusive interview at Universal Recording Studios, New York City, Jay Sean talks about his journey so far, Cash Money records, Bollywood and much more. Click the video above right now to hear Jay Sean in a very relaxed and bewitching conversation with Mihir Thakkar, Neha Mahajan and Rachel Sutaria of
Jay Sean We Got Our Eyes On You!

By: Neha Mahajan

I noticed him first time on an MTV show where his hit single 'Stolen' featuring our Bollywood babe Bipasha Basu was being played. I found him really cute, a Desi munda singing, dancing and with all that different kind of a rhythm to his music, it was definitely just the kind I was looking for in the year 2005. A charming and hot looking guy with coolest girl in the toswn and some tantalizing music. Only later did I realize that Jay Sean is the man, who was the whole mastermind behind redefining urban music...Read More...


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