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, 07-16-2012 at 05:30 PM (6714 Views)
A number of themes are designed beautifully that fetched the attention of the people. However some high quality theme provider at-times release a free version of their premium themes and attract customers. Moreover Free themes donít possess much of the features as it is present in the premium word press themes and also not have much room to customize the script in the code. However most of the free wordpress themes are developed well enough and contains all the basic features (multi browser support, SEO, etc.). They probably best suit for those who know some css and html and tune by themselves. Here are the list of top wordpress themes 2012.

Top free wordpress themes 2012


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    Nowadays, it is really fun and cool. I like beign a web dev a lot, and I make most of my income from it. It is really cool that there are some awesome templates and services for builiding websites like those from for example which I really like a lot. Have a look there too and good luck!
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    Do I need to protect the WordPress site and how to do it? What measures should be taken?
    Updated 10-26-2021 at 03:31 AM by Heresol
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    First of all, you need the site to be protected, because you can take away access to the site. You need to secure your WordPress website. WordPress websites are among the most attacked by cybercriminals. You should always be one step ahead of the hackers and think like they are in order to protect your site.

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