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, 09-21-2008 at 05:36 PM (11413 Views)
i have an LG shine (red) and i really want to know how to, if i even can, send pictures that i have taken on my phone to my computer or email

if you know please help me!?!?


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    you should post your question on the forums page for better results in answering your question.

    Since i seen your question i give it a shot, i don't own a LG shine but i think your phone has a sd-card, if it does, move your photos from your phone to the sd-card, then transfer the photos by USB cable.

    I have the DARE with an sd-card, i use a sd-card adapter, take the card out of the phone, plug the sd-card into the adapter (like a flash drive) and then plug the adapter into my Mac book. Click on the adapter Icon when it shows up on your desk top, when it opens you should see folders like My_pix, My_flix, and so on.

    You can also send photos by photo message (text type) to an email account on your desk top, remember charges my apply. For best results move your photos by sd-card, high resolution photos can not be sent by mail/message.

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