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, 12-07-2011 at 06:27 PM (17962 Views)
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Alright guys this is my first post to help you guys out. I just "migrated" my sprint number to a boost mirro I bought at wal mart. I set up service of course first and for most. Then called the boost customer care line... You'll have to log into your boost account... go to support and contact customer care... The 800 number is at the bottom of the screen left hand corner. You'll have to of course call the number from a different phone than the one on your account. At that time when you call and enter in all the info the automated system asks for make sure you let them know that your calling to report a lost/damaged/stolen phone. It will ask you to enter in the hex esn id... you'll have to do this a couple times... Then the automated system will "give up" and put you on the line with a human. I told them my phone kept resetting and that I bought another, and verified the esn number from phone I wanted active on the account (touch pro), as well told the csr that this was the same style phone I had. No questions asked he got it activated, I did a hard reset on my phone, and then went in and hit update profile... (Not sure if I had to do the hard reset... but that's what active sync is for) All working just fine... Just thought I'd try and help

Guess we'll see if I can return the Mirro to Wal-Mart in the morning
What also works:

Quote Originally Posted by Mellifera View Post
I know I'm a little late, but in case anyone was wondering, that method doesn't work anymore.
What works is to call Boost Customer Service and Play Dumb. Don't volunteer information. Tell them for example, that you/your kids broke your phone and someone gave you their old one. Give them the ESN and if they ask you what sort of phone Play Dumb and tell them you don't know "Um its a clamshell with a keyboard?" If they tell you it can't be activated, thank them and hang up. Keep trying, you will eventually get an operator who will swap it in for you.
I like this last method better.

FYI, you can not Boost the EVO

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