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, 12-16-2012 at 02:19 PM (16188 Views)
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Posted problems:

~USB debugging mode: Automatically enabled.
~Power Saver: Remains on Notification list
~Camera: Shutter sound cant be silenced
~Camera: Close up option changed to Macro and does not work
~Sounds: Ringer, Alerts & System sounds are locked together (3rd party app)
~USB charging: Automatic; No selection required
~Facebook notifications: Settings-> Apps -> Facebook: Uncheck Show notifications
~USB connectivity issues: Use OEM HTC USB cable
~Launch Google Now: Long press the home button.
~Bluetooth: connects & disconnects randomly
~Wifi Dlink: Turn off auto channel detecton and set to specific channel
~Wifi connectivity Issues: Settings > Wifi > Menu > Advanced ->
Uncheck "DLNA auto-IP"
~Keyboard: Autospacing & Ccapitalization issues
~Swype issues: Download & install Swpye Beta >>
Swype | Text Input for Screens
~Voice to text: Icon changed, located on bottom row next to return button.


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