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, 01-28-2012 at 09:37 PM (16027 Views)
~These are my settings:
GPS: enabled
Animations: all animation
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4gG: Off, if not in use
Wi-Fi available: use it!
Screen timeout: 1 min
~Disable the Auto Sync features that fetch news, weather and stocks.
Menu -> settings -> Accounts & sync-> uncheck as desired
~Weather, Messaging apps, mail, Facebook, twitter; change setting to check manual or every two hours,
~Donít use vibrate, consumes power
~Power off phone or set to airplane mode during extended periods of non-use or when out of range.
~Remove unused home screen widgets
~Update Your Apps. Applications often get updated to use less battery power
~Don't use Task killers; not only do not help, but they do harm.
Test this by stopping an app and watch it restart immediately on its own.
Menu -> settings -> Applications -> running services -> select app
~Monitor battery consumption
Menu -> settings -> about phone -> battery -> battery use

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    Nice post,its always nice to get tips for better power savings I use a nice android battery saver app called JuiceDefender,it does most of what you say above without the need for your intervention...and that is a really nice thing,as we know the more WE have to monitor,the LESS we actually do it,lol. This automates alot of the tasks like turning wi-fi off when the phone goed to standby,and restarting it at preset intervals, the default is 15 minutes,but you can extend that to hours if you dont want to be bothered by constant updates from push services. Of all the battery saver apps I've used, this one had the most effect on my phones(and my wife's phones!) battery life. By the way,there are free and paid versions of the app,and the free one is more than enough for most users,just a heads up on that one
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    Maybe you an help me here....I keep trying to put a video review of a new unlocked phone up on here(BLU Studio 5.3),and keep getting shot down. I'm a nice guy,but I can take a hint. If you dont like reviews from anyone other than the one guy I see doing all of your reviews,fine,just let me and everyone else know it so we dont waste our time,please.....thought I could help here,guess not.

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