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, 09-19-2011 at 09:08 PM (4650 Views)
Not everybody wants to be locked into a contract where you are obligated to pay a monthly fee even in times where your income may have been reduced. You donít get the option to just cancel your service without still paying a very large cut off fee that can cost up to $300. Thatís equivalent to about 3 months of service paid just because you want to quit that provider.

Contract Phones relay on your credit. If you donít have good credit then you may pay up to $400 down payment just to get a phone. The companies say you get the money back but you really donít. Instead they give you a credit after two years; insuring that they get to keep the money. My definition of getting the money back is having the cash in my possession where I can spend it on whatever I want.

Those of you who canít tolerate these gimmicks would prefer to purchase a pre-paid cell phone. In the early days a pre-paid phone was ridiculously priced when compared to the monthly cost of a contract phone but today they offer very affordable solutions that contract services canít compete with. Today pre-paid customers have the option to purchase Blackberry style devices or devices with the Android platform installed and low priced services.

A place where you can find a large selection of pre-paid cell phones from multiple provides is at Many of the phones are the same as contract phones.


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