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How to buy cheper cell phones online

Even with todayís technology we still prefer to walk into a retail store to shop for out cell phones. The benefit of physical stores is that there is a person to talk to and ask a myriad of questions before you make a purchase. What customers donít know is that what makes you feel comfortable is also what makes you Vulnerable to making Bad purchase. Retail store clerks provide mostly inaccurate information. They use pressure sales tactics. They only care about their commission. Pay lower prices on your devices by purchasing cell phones and plans online.

Sales clerks are provided with a wealth of information about their products. This information is mostly handed down from manufacture to store to clerk. The clerks are thought and trained to answer many of your questions with the information provided to them form a training program thatís drilled into their minds when they were hired by their employer. The problem is that the information is often false, inaccurate and sometimes an outright lie. The clerks may or may not know they are lying but they do sound good when they are preaching to you. Just remember that when something sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true.

When you purchase a cell phone at a store the clerk will always try to add on products that you donít really want or may not even need. Some things you may need with a cell phone are a screen protector and a belt clip. Those accessories help protect the phone form accidental damage. Items you donít need but might want to get if you can afford it are a blue Tooth device. These devices come in handy for hands free use but not a necessity. An accessory you donít need is an extra battery. Take good care of your phone battery by not over charging them. They generally only take 3 hours to charge depending on your phone.

Itís all about the commission. A clerk will guide to a sale that best fits his pay check. He will try to get whatever he can out of you. Clerks donít make much money if any at all off the phone device its self. You may ask then why would they want to buy a high end smart phone? Itís because smart phones require more expensive data services. The clerk makes all of his money from the services he adds to your account, Talk, text, and data.

Smart phones are good to have. They will serve you better than a feature phone. If you donít like the touch screen then there are many smart phones that come with a full QWERTY key board. When I had a regular old feature phone I believed that I would never had any use for smart phones and their data plans. I proved myself wrong when I moved to a smart phone. You can save yourself large amounts of money by purchasing your devices form an online dealer such as You donít have to worry about misinformation, high prices and commission greedy sales clerks. Research your questions online, find your device online and save online.


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