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, 08-28-2011 at 05:33 AM (4902 Views)
Choosing a cell phone carrier, the right type of phone, and the right operating system can be a daunting task that may completely turn you off form even purchasing a cell phone. You may find the phone you like but itís provided by the carrier you donít want to do business with. To solve the problem some users attempt to unlock their cell phones to use with the carrier of their choosing.

Donít expect the carriers to be willing to unlock the phone for you. Though courts have ruled that itís legal for user to unlock their phones the carriers are still reluctant to do so upon user request. Some may and some may not.

To unlock your own cell phone you have to search for the right codes. There is no guarantee that you will find them, or that the ones you find are correct. Also there is no guarantee that you wonít damage your phone or that the manufacturer didnít ad sabotaging software in their devices.

Instead I might be best just simply purchase a phone thatís already unlocked. ICMMOBILE.COM has a selection of unlocked phones form all major U.S. cell phone carriers. The web site has a selection of both popular feature phone and smart phones ranging in prices from $40 to $500. Purchasing an already unlocked cell phone from ICMMOBILE.COM will save you time and frustration and give you an ease of mind that you got what you wanted.


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