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, 09-27-2011 at 01:22 PM (5907 Views)
For a long time Apple computers had been cruched up by the support of schools, film production companies, and a very small base of hard core fans that purchased the computers. If there is any more supporters then most people donít know about it. But about a decade ago they suddenly bust into the scene with an innovative products called the iPod. Later came the iPhone and the iPad enabling Apple to dominate the mobile world. Letís face it; no matter how you may feel about the iPhone it is dominating the mobile market. I donít hate the iPhone but personally I am an android fan. I tend to avoid proprietor industry types as I believe that open architecture is an incentive to better technology.

I considered getting an iPod but never got around to it. When the iphone first dťbuted I did want one but I wasnít in AT&Tís network plus I couldnít justify the price. The design of Apples products has always been sexy and far more appealing than other manufacturers but more costly and as usual they canít win over everybody. Why? Because they donít want to.

Apple is doing very well just simply by selling products to people who can afford buy them. This isnít a new tactic and they are not the only ones who use it. This type of marketing strategy turns their product into a status symbol. Upper class people would love to buy a product that lower class people canít afford.

Does this mean that everyone that doesnít like Apple are just people who canít afford their products? No. Apple still is and always will be limiting their customer base simply because they sell products that are mostly proprietor by design and they like it that way.

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