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Emma Coffinet
, 05-21-2021 at 10:27 AM (399 Views)
If you have Android Oreo, you should know that you belong to the happy 1% of Android users who have this version. This update was received only by some users, and the most affordable phones or phones of past generations will have to wait a little longer.
You may not know all the news of Android Oreo, a very complete version that improves everything to Nougat. Today I offer you 3 main tricks for Android 8.0, so you can make the most of your phone.

Store data wisely

As always, optimization is one of the keys in Android Oreo. Saving space on our smartphone is an agenda, and it's clear that even with a 32 or 64 GB configuration if you neglect it, you can be scared of storage space. There are two quick ways to save space with Oreo.

Go to settings
Open the repository
Activate smart storage

This feature, already present in Nougat, but somewhat unknown, allows you to automatically delete content from your phone that you already have in the cloud. Even if your photos are synced with Google Photos, they remain in the device's memory until you delete them. If you enable this option, all photos that already have a backup will be deleted in a few months.

Do what Doze doesn't do for you

Android 8.1 has a secret battery-saving feature. It's pretty hidden, but these days we've found that it works pretty well. To activate it, you need to follow the steps we talk about below.

Go to Settings> Phone Info> Tap "Phone Number" 7 times. This will make you a developer.
Go to Developer Settings> Background Check> Disable apps you don't use or don't want to run in the background.

Contrary to what you think, you do not stop receiving notifications when this option is activated. In my case, I have absolutely everything turned off, and I continue to receive push messages. Rest periods have improved dramatically over time, so try this option.

Use a substrate

Many users are interested if you need root to install Substratum. Thanks to Android Oreo, this incredible themed engine can be installed without the need to use root. Its price is ridiculous, and the number of topics we can set is almost endless. In particular, with the advent of transparent materials in Google ROM, I chose a pure black theme, which, in addition to aesthetics, helps save battery life.
Samsung, LG, Sony, or others will have Substratum themes for you, so run to download the app and personalize your Android like never before.

These are just some of the tricks for Android Oreo and I hope that they were useful to you. Here you can find out more.

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