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Emma Coffinet
, 05-21-2021 at 10:42 AM (734 Views)
There are many cool tricks that can improve our everyday comfort. A selection of life hacks for a phone is just one of those, because a mobile phone has long become an indispensable thing for a modern person.

Battery Saver - Airplane mode to conserve battery power. The radio modules of the phone consume a lot of energy for continuous communication with the towers, searching for a Wi-Fi signal and trying to connect to it, determining the location by GPS. Activating this mode turns off all radio modules, which can significantly increase the operating time of the device, and this is especially important at times when there is no way to recharge it.

Increase signal volume - place the phone in a glass (empty) to increase the signal volume. This trick is especially useful for those who have problems getting up in the morning.

Optimize your Android phone - you can optimize your smartphone using the settings of the Android operating system, little tricks, or using special applications. In any case, it is definitely possible to achieve a performance gain of 5% - 10%. First of all, see if you have such a function in your phone, for example, on devices from Xiaomi in MIUI, you can find the Security utility and perform optimization through it.

Regular optimization - in addition to one-time actions with your smartphone, I recommend regularly performing the following actions:

  • Restart Android phone at least once a week - the cache and garbage in RAM are cleared, and the device starts to work much faster;
  • Once every six months, reset the phone to factory settings, having previously saved all your data in the cloud.

Delete without regret anything you don't use - a simple and straightforward rule. It requires you to periodically review the list of installed programs and remove those that you have stopped using. This is due to the fact that many programs run in the background in the Android system and synchronize with a remote server. If you do not use such a program, then it is simply wasting the resources of your device, which could have been spent on something more useful. Remove such programs without hesitation. If necessary, you can always put them back. To do this, find unnecessary programs in the list of installed programs and remove them. In this case, free up not only RAM (which is very important) but also space in the device's memory.

Disable background sync - not all programs can be uninstalled, as some still need to be used from time to time. But in this case, you can save money, saving not only system resources but also the battery charge. You can prevent some programs from background synchronization via the mobile Internet.

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