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Emma Coffinet
, 04-30-2021 at 09:02 AM (1545 Views)
If a couple of centuries ago in different parts of the world people were obsessed by the Gold Rush, now it is safe to say that the modern world is completely absorbed by mobile fever. Will there be at least one person around you who doesn't use a smartphone?

Sales of smartphones are growing and manufacturers are investing huge sums in mobile technology, their development and promotion in the market. Mobile development is a very fast-growing area of programming, as the number of mobile devices far exceeds the number of personal computers, and this trend will only grow.
Let's take a detailed look at what is meant by mobile application development and how relevant it is, who is a mobile application programmer, what skills he needs to learn, and what tools are used to develop mobile applications.

Mobile application developer - who is it?

Mobile developers are the people who move the progress forward by creating more sophisticated and complex applications. A good programmer has not only knowledge of languages and technologies, but he has also skills of systems thinking, as he has to create complex systems from nothing, it is also the ability to work in a team, because a serious project is difficult to write alone, but he also has the ability to understand the customer and to create exactly the product he wants.

Mobile developer and Mobile programmer is a programmer who develops software applications for all kinds of mobile devices, most often - for smartphones and tablets.

What are the main tasks of a mobile application developer:

creation of a technical specification (technical task) for the development of a mobile application;
discussion with the customer of the stages and process of the project;
building the architecture of the application;
direct programming;
work with designers;
support of mobile applications;
work with testers on debugging and testing applications;
assistance in creating instructions for working with the finished application;
registration of documentation;
Placing applications in the AppStore and Google Play Market, Amazon Appstore, Opera Mobile Store, and other mobile application stores.

Mobile application development - what is it?

The concept of developing mobile applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices includes writing software code to create applications that will run on certain mobile platforms (today there are 2 main platforms for mobile operating systems - Android and iOS, and the less popular Windows Phone and Symbian). These applications can be pre-installed on mobile phones, personal digital assistants, corporate digital assistants, smartphones and other mobile devices before the devices fall into the hands of the user, or downloaded by users to the device directly during use.

How relevant is the development of mobile applications?

Smartphones and other mobile devices have not only become part of our daily lives, but they are also a full-fledged continuation of us. With the help of mobile phones, we not only communicate with each other, but also order goods from stores, buy tickets, book accommodation, call a taxi, use phones as navigators, cameras, readers, online banking, and just as a way to have fun and spend some time. According to statistics, 67% of adults worldwide use smartphones every day, which is almost 5.29 billion people (with a total population of 7.9 billion). The trend towards the transition from simple mobile devices to multifunctional smartphones is only increasing every year.

What does a mobile application developer need to know?

The developer of mobile applications, like any other programmer, must have both technical skills and personal qualities for successful teamwork - soft skills.
To do this, you will need the following skills:

CSS and HTML, Cocoa / Xcode development environment, Objective-C / C ++ programming languages, Java;
HTTP, XML, principles of object-oriented programming, DBMS;
Knowledge of Android, iOS SDK, design templates, common libraries and architecture of iOS, Android, scripting languages (Ruby, Python), the principles of client-server model of application interaction;
Knowledge of application release requirements in the AppStore and Google Play;
Required skills in working with Core Data (Apple's proprietary local database, which is built on the type of SQL);
Ability to understand someone else's code;
Proficiency in technical English.

What are the features in the development of mobile applications?

The main feature in the development of mobile applications is the form factor of the devices under which we write programs because they are smartphones, tablets that have a small or small screen, or a non-standard (square, rectangular) screen. In addition, if we take a smartwatch, it is a 2x2 cm screen or a round screen in general. Therefore, a very important point in creating a mobile application is the so-called User Experience.
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And, of course, the main task is to figure out how to transfer the business model into a mobile interface and how this interface will be technically implemented. This is important because a good user experience - one in which the user quickly and pleasantly solves his problem - is one of the main components of your future success as a developer.

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