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Emma Coffinet
, 03-31-2021 at 01:13 PM (496 Views)
Over time, any phone starts to work slower and the user has a natural question - how to speed up its performance?

Smartphone optimization may be required regardless of the model or year of manufacture of the electronic device. Simple actions will increase the speed of the operating system and prolong the operation of the device on battery power.

The reasons for the slowdown

Before solving the problem, you need to identify the reason that does not allow the phone to work quickly. This information will prevent further influence of negative factors on the performance of the device. The main reasons that affect the normal functioning of the device:
  • lack of RAM or physical memory;
  • the use of pseudo-optimizing programs;
  • constant search by the device for a location or the Internet;
  • overabundance of graphic components - the use of "live" wallpapers, animated pictures.

The first problem requires an urgent solution. The load of RAM or physical memory has a direct impact on the speed of work. Consider in detail the elimination of each of the reasons.

Optimizing your Android smartphone

It is necessary to properly optimize the operation of the electronic device, not to make unnecessary changes. To do this, all actions must be performed in a specific sequence. If after eliminating one reason for the device's malfunctioning everything is fine, then you should not use other methods.

Clear physical memory

Physical memory refers to storage for files on removable media and on the device itself. It is advisable to check the amount of used memory as soon as you notice a decrease in the speed of the phone. If there is no space left in the storage, the operating system has to spend maximum resources on loading information.

Before you clean up physical memory, you must eliminate the reasons for its filling. If you have removable media, set the path for saving some applications to the SD card. Here you can transfer information from instant messengers, cameras, voice recorders, Skype. The maximum free phone memory will have a positive effect on performance.

Clear RAM

The resource used by applications that are active at a certain point in time is called RAM. The storage load will be higher if a lot of programs are installed on the electronic device. You will need to uninstall applications that have not been used for a long time. They run in the background and slow down the smartphone.

Optimizing visual effects

A large number of animated pictures, the installation of "live" wallpapers or widgets on the screen negatively affect the functioning of any device. Each of the elements takes away part of the RAM, the resources of the video card (graphics processor). Removing unnecessary widgets will save the day. Leave the most essential items. Optimizing your Android phone by this method will increase the speed of your device.

To remove self-installed widgets, you must click on the icon and drag it to the trash can or click the "Remove" button on older versions of the operating system.


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