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Emma Coffinet
, 03-31-2021 at 01:56 PM (25502 Views)
Over time, you may notice that your phone has become slower. This may be due to the lack of free space in the memory of the gadget (even if it is a new model) or after an iOS update.

Operating system update

New versions of the system increase the performance of the device, as they contain improved performance and bug fixes.

Reduce movement

Unusual animation affects device speed. The manufacturing company has provided the ability to disable unnecessary elements to speed up the operation of the devices.

Remove the application cache

For quick loading of videos or photos, some programs save them in the cache. The accumulation of temporary files leads to a slowdown in performance. iPhone optimization is carried out by clearing the memory cache.

Due to the lack of a universal method for deleting files, it is necessary to clean the memory in the settings of each application.

Prohibit or restrict updates

Automatic content updates affect performance. Running some applications in the background degrades performance. It only takes a few steps to disable this feature on iOS.

Smart Master

You can optimize your device by installing third-party programs. Smart Master is quite popular. It's free to install and works well. The utility clears the cache, removes ballast files from the device. Installation of the program is relevant for owners of phones with a small amount of built-in / RAM.

Full reset

This method is not recommended if you know how to optimize your phone using other methods. If the reason for the slowdown lies in software errors, then you will need to reset the settings to the factory settings. It is advisable to keep a backup. To do this, you can use iCloud or iTunes.

Automatically clear messages after 30 days

You may be surprised at the amount of space used to store your messages. To find out this information, go to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud -> Manage and look at the volume of the Messages app. If, in addition to text, you exchange photos and videos, then the size of the occupied memory can easily reach 5 or 10 GB.

Use power-saving mode

Everyone noticed the advice of the system to turn on the power saving mode when the battery level dropped to 20 and 10%. In fact, this option can be activated at any time, significantly extending the operating time.

Configure location options

Some apps need to continuously track your location even when you're not using them. But many of them are not used too often and can significantly reduce the iPhone's battery life.


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