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, 07-29-2012 at 12:31 PM (8561 Views)
Recently Facebook add a feature to complete their notification features, the feature is called “Wedding and Celebrations” where you will get notification about relationship status about your friends. But I think there should be an official notification that should be made by facebook, it’s the Unfriend Notification. Because I think there’s many users of Facebook wanted to know when someone “unfriend” them on facebook.

With the notification and information when there’s someone who “Unfriends” you, of course you wouldn’t ask why did your friends in facebook in reducing. But unfortunately right now there’s no official way from facebook to know that, but here i will give tips and way to get notification and information about that by using a simple script and add-ons on your browser.

If you’re interested to add this function ( I call it “Facebook Unfriend Notification“) to your facebook account, you can follow the tutorial below. I will give guide to you complete with picture and video. I myself have already try it on Firefox and Chrome.

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