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, 08-03-2012 at 09:48 AM (6853 Views)
I just became a founding member of Solavei last week. Solavei is taking wireless to a whole new level. The company's launch date is September 21, 2012 and currently I am taking on new members.

The service offered is: A onetime 49.00 registration fee, 49.00 a month-no contract-unlimited 4G - text, data, and voice within the US. Solavei is combining telecommunications, social media and mobile banking. Solavei actually pays back consumers for adding new members.

It's easy to SHARE - utilizing social media to create exponential growth by promoting a multi-billion dollar brand.

We EMPOWER others - provide an economic benefit to our members for behavior they already do on a daily basis.

In just a few short months this will be viral!!

Being a Founding Member, I can assist you in signing up prior to the public launch in September. This way you can start developing your own contact list of those you wish to bring on board and build your team before public launch. Please contact me and I can share more information regarding Solavei and how you can get in THE LANE and join the Revolution!!!

[email protected]


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