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, 05-06-2012 at 09:41 PM (2203 Views)
There are several reasons for starting a home business, more time with family and friends, chose the hours you want to work no more punching a time clock, Tax brakes so you can have more savings, Now you can start a at home business that offers you another way of saving you thousands of dollars a year for the rest of your life.

Share and earn free wireless, just think about how much you are paying your cellphone company! I have always wanted to have one of my own. Now you can to, I pay myself for a service that I already use and need there are many methods in which one can save. In most instances, the best method can be determined by whatever plans you have for the future.

I am here to share with you a fantastic new way starting your at home business that not only will it save you money but every person you share it with. We can all have free wireless services even if we do not want to work from home, This is a home business that really makes all the difference because when we tell others that there is away to get wireless services for free you are helping them save to. Never heard of such a thing right! Well you are about to find out how you can have all of this!

Our wireless cell phone plans are the best for many reasons, Here are some examples.

You can talk all you want, text all you want, surf the web all you want, at no additional charge. With our cell phone plans, there is no need to worry about those dropped phone calls anymore, you get that same great service that you are used to.

So you may be asking what makes our better well, AT&T ,Verizon and other wireless service do not offer free wireless services to their customers and we can, even if poeple do not want to work from home they can earn free services by sharing with others as well it is called You Plus 5 = Free

How Simple Is It To Earn Wireless Services For My Home Business

Here are the steps you must achieve to qualify for You + 3 = Free:

Step One: Become an ACTIVE Representative with and have a No Contract Wireless Service yourself (MiFi or Cell Phone). *An ACTIVE Representative is identified as having an active Wireless Store. If you do not have an active wireless store, you are not considered active.

Step Two: Personally sponsor 3 retail No Contract Wireless Customers or personally sponsor 3 ACTIVE Representatives who activate at least ONE No Contract Wireless Service EACH (4 total You + 3) during the promotion time frame. We will mail up to $75 in credits to everyone who qualifies. Retail customers are customers other than yourself. You cannot have multiple accounts in your own name.

Step Three: Maintain You + 3 = Free and you will earn Free Wireless Service (up to $75 in credits depending on your plan) every month.

It was a simple choice for me and I love the freedom I have now, I love the phone service too, have you ever tried getting a hold of a boost mobile operator I used boost mobile for over 10 years and the part I did not like was the hassle of getting a operator on the phone. I think back on how much I could of saved if I switched 10 years ago! We can take a look 50.00 $ x 12 =that is 1,200 a year x 10=that is 12,00.00 wow that is a lot over time

Most People will see the value in this at home business I have just shared with you today and I want to help you save money if you are ready to start saving and if you want more information
I am Johnny Wheelock the President,CEO,Director Of Human resources, for My Wireless Rep.
My responsibilities include Business planing, Accountability, Research and development, Marketing, Sales and service.

Want to know more just ask john


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