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Kaley Newman

  1. After as a 17 years customer, Verizon left me...

    Kaley Newman
    , 12-29-2016 at 06:09 PM
    It is my experience on 12/26/16 in Verizon Wireless Store at 2141 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY. I am a 17 years customer with Verizon Wireless. I'll join my husband family plan by T-Mobile so I'll close my Verizon account. On 12/26, T-Mobile need my Verizon account and pin #. I didn't have the info on hand so I just walked to the Verizon store (on the same block). I asked a customer representative who is about 30 years old white man with eyeglasses. When he knew I close my account, his face ...

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