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, 06-12-2013 at 03:05 AM (3143 Views)
Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the Annual All Things Digital Conference. He gave some hints about new revolutionary products which are being developed by Apple, but refused to give any specific information and to answer to the most pressing questions.

Speaking about the television market, Cook restated that the television technology is outdated, and that the era of new products, which are still not on the market is coming. He said that television is a very interesting topic for Apple. Cook added that they have sold 13 million Apple TV boxes.

Responding to questions about Google Glass, Cook said he did not think this product will become massive. "I wear glasses because I cannot see without them. But I know a few people who wear glasses, because I just want to do it," - he said.

According to Cook’s words, Wrist bracelets are a more natural option. "But here, you need to convince people that they need to wear this bracelet," - he said, noting that the majority of young people do not wear watches. Cook added that Apple is interested in wearable electronics market. He recalled that he enjoys such devices, for example a Nike FuelBand sports bracelet.

Tim Cook also said that Jonathan Ive, the Head of Apple's industrial design, plays a key role in the development of a new version of the iOS mobile operating system - iOS 7. Recently, it was reported that Ive plans to change completely the graphic design platform.

Responding to a Mossberg question why Apple will not make such a range of iPhone as varied as iPod has, Cook said that, first of all, it is not necessary, and secondly, it would require incredible resources.

Cook explained that every iPod has its niche - for people with a certain style of life, with certain needs. Apple CEO believes that the level of iPhone penetration is not so high to start the radical expansion of the range.

However, he added that one day Apple may release a second model of iPhone, in addition to the main one, which will have different functionality and less cost. "We do not exclude it," - said Cook.

As it has previously been widely reported, Apple is working on its own TV, "smart" watches and cheap mobile phone. Some analysts expected the announcement of the TV last year, but the company still has not revealed it to public. The releases of "smart" watches and budget iPhone are expected till the end of this year.
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