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, 04-01-2013 at 06:40 AM (12264 Views)
Five-inch full-HD display, eight-core CPU, a lot of new features: The Samsung Galaxy S 4 to succeed the great impact. COMPUTER BILD had the equipment already in hand - you'll find facts, pictures and prices for S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The S4 Galaxy is actually a super-phone with greater screen become (five inches) than its predecessor (4.8 inches). But unlike any previously known or available five-inch Super phones it remains manageable.

Samsung Galaxy S 4: Smartphone with guaranteed success

Galaxy S , S2 , and S3 were or are absolute top seller and the only real competitor to Apple's iPhone. Now Samsung sets for - and in many areas even before, because hardware and software of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 of the highest standard. The South Korean company showed its first own superphone on 15 March in New York public. COMPUTER BILD has collected all the facts on the S4! Besides pictures and first prize info here is a video presentation of the new stars of the Samsung smartphone Galaxy!

»Comparison: Galaxy S4 against HTC One, Xperia Z, iPhone 5 & Co.
"In the video abgecheckt: superphone Samsung Galaxy S4

Design: Like a great slim S3
The new flagship of the Galaxy series has become thinner: 7.9 millimeters, the S4 and weighs 130 grams and the edge of the case to the screen now is narrow - that Samsung realizes a larger display, even if the dimensions are similar to those of its predecessor. The housing has to be done visually on bevels little: plastic continues to dominate, this time with a subtle textured pattern in black or white. Those who do not look closely, can hardly be distinguished from the S4, S3.

Display: five-inch, full HD and gaze detection

This can be seen: The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a Super AMOLED display with full HD resolution. The size is five inches, which corresponds to a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch super sharp. Of individually identifiable pixels no trace. In view test the S4 looks even better and stronger in color than its predecessor. The increased screen real estate is a clear point gain. Gorilla glass 3, the front provides protection from scratches.
What's What: The new features of the Samsung Galaxy S 4
Dual Camera

Under the name of Samsung Dual Camera combines three functions: Dual Shot By You take pictures at the same time with the front and rear camera. Dual Recording in this manner allows video recording. By dual video call you can transfer moving pictures from both cameras to an interlocutor.

Power: Four to eight cores and enough memory

Samsung could also eliminate an ambiguity in the official launch of the Galaxy S4 not: Which processor is in the new superphone, when it comes to Germany? Depending on the region, the Group is building the Exynos 5 with eight cores of its own production to the device or the tetranuclear Qualcomm Snapdragon 600th The tried COMPUTER BILD unit came pretty fast, after about ten minutes but was noticeably hot - possible good that the beefed up to 2,600 mAh battery is sorely needed if the processors run high. Samsung added two gigabytes (GB) of RAM and 16 to 64 GB of media storage that you want can be expanded via microSD card.

camera: 13 Megapixels and many photo features
The shot-site photos of the new 13-megapixel sensor in the S4 Galaxy made a sharp and vivid impression - due to adverse lighting conditions it is here for a final assessment but too early. Exciting than the resolution are the new photo features: In Dual Camera mode, combine image contents of the front and rear camera (two megapixel) to a theme, thanks to Sound & shot you tag photos with up to nine seconds of audio notes. Burst mode shoots dozens of photos in quick succession and automatically selects the most appropriate image. The software of the S4 has its own photo printing service.

The S4 Samsung supports the new Wi-Fi ac standard, which is up to three times as fast as wireless-n. The S4 has - as the One HTC and Samsung note 8.0 - an infrared transmitter. In combination with the app WatchON the S4 mutated so the remote control for consumer electronics at home. The Galaxy S4 support LTE as well as Bluetooth 4.0. The other connections are classic: Headphone jack up microUSB down volume rocker and screen lock on the sides. The home button is mechanical, rumors of a touch key not been realized.

Look and caress: New operating functions
Samsung tried to get as much from working in the S4 Android 4.2.2 and above all one's own TouchWiz user interface. This trend of the S3 started to learn more natural interaction with the smartphone to continue. If you order by Air View your hand hover about two inches off the device, the preview of the received messages or appointments. Who wags Air Gesture above the S4 scrolls, further websites. Thanks SmartScroll detects the smartphone, wherever your eyes are looking straight at the screen and then scroll by tilting the device. Smart Pause also observed: from contact when watching a video, the view from the screen, pause the clip. Whether these are magical functions or unnecessary gimmicks now must show a detailed everyday test.
Accessories: hinged cases, controllers, wireless charging
Besides the Super Phone Samsung presents official accessories for the Galaxy S 4. The new gatefold sleeve S View Cover protects your phone, but leaves an opening for important messages. Buckle up the S4 into the gamepad, it becomes a game controller, the Wireless Charging Pad loads without cable. With the S band to save your fitness sessions, without having to carry the S4 must. The data is transmitted later by Bluetooth .

First impressions: Samsung Galaxy S4

How the Apple iPhone, Samsung is the S4 before the challenge of making an already good and popular product even better. Samsung is doing, but is the best in the Galaxy series of gentle formula optimizations. Who expects a flexible device made of transparent aluminum or similar revolutions is so disappointed. Nevertheless, Samsung delivers the S4 exactly what technically sophisticated users need today - without building a phone for geeks. Many of the software innovations provide practical and even fascinating features, such as the hands-on operation or contactless wiping movements. Whether these ideas really make the S4 called by Samsung "life companion", must show a thorough check. Coupled with the technology inside is good after the first practice test but already clear: With the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has sent a very interesting and powerful superphone in the battle for the smartphone throne.

Samsung Galaxy S 4: Price and Availability

From the end of April, the Galaxy S4 come on the market, providers such as Telekom, Vodafone and O2 offer the device in combination with a contract. The first units are now at Idealo listed and start at 649 euros for the 16-gigabyte version and 749 euros for 32 gigabytes. The market research firm IHS iSuppli has calculated and determined how much the S4 costs in manufacturing: The 3G version with 16 gigabytes is consequently with 244 U.S. dollars (180 euros) to book and is about thirty dollars more expensive than its predecessor. The increase in price is mainly due to the higher quality display and a better processor.

Those were the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4
For months orakelten journalists and analysts functions, hardware and design of the S3's successor. COMPUTERBILD shows which assumptions were true - and what was a dream.


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