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, 04-01-2013 at 05:59 AM (6273 Views)
In the summer of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Samsung 't going to launch adopted a new strategy to improve the market. He S4 Galaxy competition in the market as well as his younger brother, the future looks like. They are costly and Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 has taken this step, so people do not want to carry any other brand. Therefore, in order to attract people with a low price tag compared başlatıyoruz.Kaynaklara Galaxy S4 Mini will be available in June or July of this year. S4 S4 Galaxy Galaxy Mini can not afford a new one will surely go for.

S4 Galaxy Mini on the screen 4.3-inch 256ppi (pixels per inch) featuring. This is with the operating system such as Android Jelly Bean 1.6 GHz featuring two Dual-Core CPU. 'S4 Galaxy Mini, Dual SIM and Long Term Evolution (LTE), a special model has been observed to vary marketed.

Model GT-I9190 brain for HSPA + version of the two quad-core central processing unit (CPU) is equipped with. Personal, business or individual dual-core processor, HSPA + version can be used to support Dual SIM (Dual SIM) specify by a number of operators by the GT-I9192. LTE is a model for the GT-I9195, GT-I9198 is estimated to be released in China Mobile.

Samsung does not officially confirmed the position for unreleased products. Samsung customers has shown good results. Samsung to use their own devices can rely on for at least two years. After two years of great performance Samsung high-end devices start giving problems to their problems. And, according to the experience and expert smart phones, devices use a great age of 2-3 years var.Samsung just go with the Galaxy S4, let's see how.


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