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, 10-31-2008 at 10:08 PM (4178 Views)
If you don't want to buy a new phone just to get the bluetooth working in your Toyota Prias and you are using a Palm 650 Treo cell phone, here is what you can do to sync them:

1- Turn on the bluetooth on your phone.
2- On the prias, go to the bluetooth settings and set the password to 0000.
3- Begin the process on the car to connect to devices.
4- on the Palm, go into bluetooth again and begin the handsfree device wizzard.
5- You will see the Prias show up in the list. select it and then choose connect.
6- when it prompts you for the password, enter 0000 and select finish.
Here is the trick
The Prias screen will still say connecting and eventually time out. UNLESS you make a call.

7- Call any phone number, your home, other cell phone, whatever. This actually forces the connection and the sync is done.

With the old palm devices it will not work on the Autoconnect. You have to hit the phone button on the steering wheel and then the connect button on the screen. If you have two devices you would hit the phone button, then settings, then select your phone, then connect.
It becomes habit and is free.

In short, follow the instructions from the Prias manual, enter 0000 as your password, and when you finish the wizzard on the phone, place an outgoing call!

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