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, 05-15-2015 at 03:39 AM (7932 Views)
With the development of 3D technology and smartphones, now if want to enjoy 3D moives and games,there is no need to go to cinemas, just a smartphone and a virtual reality glasses for smartphones are enough!
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Size:  56.0 KBThis kind of virtual reality VR 3D Glasses is specially designed for smartphones. It is compatible with iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus,Samsung S2 S3 S4, Samsung Note 2 Anmerkung 3, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, etc. You can put your phone easily in the case which is in front of the lens. In addition, the distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted freely so that it suits for people with different vision prescriptions. The frame of the glasses is made from ABS, so that you do not worry that it will get broken easily! Just put your smartphone in it and enjoy your favorite 3D movies at your own will.
When you use the VR 3D glasses, please keep in mind that the higher the phone pixels, the better the viewing experience. So we kindly suggest that you use mobile phone with pixel more than 1280x720. It supports all left-right split screen 3D movies, videos and games. In addition, both sides have headset line hole, it can be based on your mobile phone to choose the side hole in order to access headset data lines.
With the VR 3D glasses, you can what 3D movies at anytime, anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing. Also it can reduce visual fatigue and dizziness even after long use with the resin lens. Thus you do not need to go to cinemas to enjoy 3D movies, just at home with the VR 3D glasses; you can get the same 3D effect as in cinemas!
I'm so happy that now there are so many fantastic high technology electronics gadgets.With these latest novel gadgets like 3D VR video glasses, our life will be full of convenience and pleasure. Looking forward to the launch of new electronics with high technologyO(∩_∩)


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