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Miko Esg
, 01-18-2017 at 04:07 AM (4861 Views)
Are you planning a cool outdoor trip for the upcoming weekends? Then youíd better be careful if you go to the beach or dive in the water in case your gears get wet. When you go outdoors for sports or other activities, there are several nice and waterproof gadgets that Iíll recommend below, like a phone for emergency call, a flashlight for giving your light, and a sport camera for shooting sceneries.
Come straight to the point, if you want to take a waterproof phone to go outdoors, you should take the level of protection into consideration. I guess that most of you will take an iPhone. Believe or not, there are only iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with IP67 level by IEC 60529 standards among iPhone series. In other words, iPhone7 series are water-resistant to 1m for about 30mins. However, water damage is not covered by the warranty. Certainly, if you want to swim with your iPhone, here are the IP68 water-proof iPhone 7 cases and the iPhone 7 Plus cases for you.
Since iPhone is not totally waterproof, a rugged phone is other option to consider, which can avoid water and shock damage.
A Rugged Phone with Flashlight
How do you think of a rugged phone? Well, I bet that you think a rugged featured phone has outdated and even stark appearance with a few functions, and it should be eliminated from this large phone market right? Donít let these ideas fool you. As a 3-proof (waterproof, shockproof, dustproof) rugged phone, the stunning Huadoo H3 with MTK6161A Quad Core CPU, supporting dual SIM cards dual standby, and TF card up to 16GB has been designed for the great outdoors, which is rated IP68 waterproof to a degree and survives extreme dust, cold climates, and other harsh environments. It is perfect as an outdoor companion whether traveling, climbing, hiking, skiing, etc. Thatís the reason why I recommend you it rather than an iPhone when you want to take photos under 2m depth water or when drop it on the ground incautiously, but you couldnít go completely under for very long. Also, it is equipped with a flashlight, so you donít need to worry about darkness and take a torch in addition.
A Waterproof Sport DV
Do you like capturing every amazing moment of your outdoor activities? Then a sport camera is a no-brainer.
JTT Live Twice S6 Action Camera is designed to be compact, with a lens that captures the world in full HD or even 4K and in a wide-angle perspective. The Wi-Fi camera adopts 12.4MP for achieving impressive resolution as a micro-single camera. This sport DV is not waterproof in itself, but itís bundled with a waterproof case supporting underwater 60m so that you can take it up in the sky, down in the sea.
Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Buy yours now, and get ready to be amazed.


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    I know the HUADOO H3 it is real waterproof. I took it to go to swim..
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    Hey dude this a website where you can trackdown numbers, in case anyone been callin suspiciously .Its the real deal..

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