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, 03-19-2021 at 08:10 PM (183 Views)
Functions of mobile applications for your event, event, event:
informing about the place and time of the event, the program of the event, the map and the schedule;
e-tickets, seat reservations;
communication between organizers and participants through mobile applications;
holding promotions, raffles;
instant push notifications;
current news feed;
placement of information materials: photos, videos, slides, presentations, surveys (this is especially important in mobile applications for various trainings and conferences);
general chat of the event, the possibility of meeting participants and making appointments;
the use of QR codes and game mechanics to stimulate social activity of the participants;
bilingual applications;
link to the promo-site of the event;
integration with social networks (instagram, twitter, vk, facebook, etc.)

Benefits of a themed mobile app for event and event organizers:
development of mobile applications for conferences and exhibitions instant and timely informing of participants;
increasing the interest and involvement of visitors in what is happening;
collection of statistics, information for analysis (a list of participants for the entire event, a separate event, any polls, questionnaires, tracking their activities and interests);
receiving feedback from visitors;
additional advertising space;
increasing customer loyalty, who will see how you keep up with the times and introduce technical innovations;

Benefits for members
mobile applications for seminars and trainings development of a detailed description of the entire event and individual events;
instant registration procedure;
quick direct communication with the organizers;
live communication with everyone - a convenient opportunity to ask questions to other participants and speakers in real time;
mobile guide - sorting the schedule of events by time, participants, venues, it is possible to create your own schedule for visiting events, highlighting current events;
a tool for social activity - you can get to know other visitors in advance, make an appointment, establish business contacts, find travel companions, exchange photos, etc.

Have you got an interesting idea and decided to order an event application for a PR campaign or other event? - Contact the company on the development of applications for the event and you will receive exactly the application that you need!
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