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, 08-23-2021 at 09:59 AM (1210 Views)
[lang=de]Advantages and disadvantages of New Holland tractors

The entire model range of New Holland is manufactured using high-tech equipment, and has a number of advantages:

- Quality. Components are made of durable materials, this increases the service life of the machine without additional repair;
- Stability. The entire line of tractors has an extended frame at the base. It allows the vehicle to move smoothly on uneven surfaces, and be resistant to overturning;
- Traction characteristics. Regardless of the class, New Holland has good traction performance compared to its peers;
- Environmental friendliness. The operation of units and mechanisms has a minimal harmful effect on the environment. The power plants of the equipment comply with international standards;
- Profitability. Engines installed on New Holland tractors are characterized by low fuel consumption;
- Stable work. The machines work successfully in any climatic conditions;
- Comfort. The models have comfortable cabins mounted on shock absorbers. The control levers are located in close proximity to the operator's seat.

New Holland tractor range
The manufacturer New Holland has released several series of tractors, differing in technical characteristics and belonging to a specific traction class. The manufacturer produces the New Holland tractor, the model range of which is divided into the following series:

- T3;
- T4;
- T6;
- T7;
- T8;
- T9.

About company
The history of New Holland began about 120 years ago in New Holland, Pennsylvania, when an unknown Abe Zimmerman opened a repair shop.
Things went so well that in 1903 the New Holland Machine Company was created, producing a variety of agricultural machines and implements. The first tractor saw the light of day in 1907.

In 1947 the company changed its name to Sperry New Holland and entered the market with new equipment.

Further history of its activity is integration with well-known brands Ford, Clayes, Fiatagri.

In 1966, the New Holland backhoe loader was released. Since the mid-nineties, cooperation with the Japanese company Hitachi began.

T7HD In 1999, New Holland and Case merged to form Case New Holland (CNH concern).

2005 saw the largest merger of Kobelko, O&K, FIAT-Kobelco, Fiatallis and New Holland Construction into a single group under the common name New Holland.

Today New Holland manufactures unique equipment for a wide range of applications - wheeled and tracked tractors, combines and mini tractors, excavators and bulldozers, lawn mowers and graders, front loaders, tracked and telescopic loaders.

The organization is a recognized leader in the production of innovative agricultural machinery.

In 2006, New Holland pioneered the Clean Energy Leader strategy, which aims to improve the environment by improving environmental friendliness, reducing emissions and introducing point farming.

The New Holland NH2 tractor powered by hydrogen is a reality today.

Find out more about all tractor models here


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